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How to Make So Many (upto 5000) Friends on Facebook in Single Day ?

You may seen people on Facebook having thousands of friends in their friends list. Actually most of those people do not know the majority of their Facebook friends, they have so many friends because they are so active on Facebook, they send out a LOT of friend requests and people do accept request of such people may to see a HOT Display picture of their profile. Anyways, here is a trick to make So many friends (even 5000) within few days. I tried this trick and got 7000 friends request within 3 weeks.

How to Make a Thousands of Friends on Facebook within Few Days ?

Well, this is not a smart trick, every one know this trick and almost every one even you, have tried this. But as i tried this for first time and got 7000+ friends request, so i will tell you how to do this wisely.

  • Do You see Any TV Show ? on some channel such as Star Plus, Star World, BBC etc ? Definitely YES, you Do !
  • Now, get the name of any female celebrity that is not much popular like Britney spears or Shakira
  • Create a fake profile (for fun) with that female celebrity's name and upload her few of pictures plus add a display picture as well.
  • Send Friend request to 5 to 10 persons only and thats it ! They will accept you as your friend, their friends will see that You and They, are now friends so they will also send you friend request, then friends of friends will also do the same and this will create a chain resulting thousands of friendship requests. Accept All !
  • As Facebook allows only 5000 people to be added as friends, so you will not be able to make more than 5000 friends. 
  • Now, when you have made so many friends, Go to account settings and change the Name of celebrity and information to Yours and surprise your real friends by showing your Facebook.
  • Thats it !

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