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How to Make YouTube Load Videos Faster on Slow Internet Connections

Youtube has become an important aspect for internet marketing and online entertainment so everyone wants their videos to be viewed easily and comfortably the the world. As YouTube has so many video details in each page, for this, Youtube loads a lot of code whenever you open any YouTube video. This code makes the loading process slow as it makes the pages heavy to load. YouTube developers are also aware of this thing thats why they launched a new feature called "Youtube Feather" which makes the loading process fast. Here is how you can use this feature.

How to Use YouTube Feather to Make YouTube Videos Load Faster

YouTube feather is project of YouTube developers to make the videos loads faster by removing unwanted codes from YouTube video pages such as removing sharing options, CSS effects etc. YouTube Feather reduces the size of page resulting improvement in loading process of videos. If you are using a slow internet connection, or videos loads slowly even on your DSL, you must try this feature. Many people have started using YouTube Feather and none of them switched back as YouTube Feather is clean, light and useful. Follow below given steps to enable YouTube Feather in your account.

    After you have enabled this feature, videos will load faster and you will see a box below related videos on all video pages. This green box (as shown in above picture) gives an option to switch back to the regular Youtube page. As this is really a useful tool, so i will suggest you to stay with YouTube Feather and click on "Just this once"

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