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How to Move all Your Pictures from Facebook to Google+

Social networking is a great way to stay connected with all your friends. One usually uploads hundreds of photos on their social networking account to share with their friends and family. Facebook has been used by millions today but with the launch of Google+, people wanted to give it a try to. There are many features that the latter offers that is still not available on Facebook even though Facebook introduced a number of new features recently.
After creating an account, one would definitely like to share their pictures on Google+ too. However, it is not feasible to upload all the pictures all over again. Instead your work can be reduced to half by using Move your Photos. "Move your Photos" is a Google chrome extension that enables you to transfer your pictures very easily. Many people still go through the hassle of using two networking accounts because of the main reason that their data is present on Facebook especially pictures.

How to Move all Your Pictures from Facebook to Google+

1- Install Move your Photos extension in your Google Chrome browser. Its only for Google chrome. The extension "Move your Photos" is installed within seconds on your Google Chromebrowser. You can then configure it by navigating to the tools menu.

2- After you have installed the extension, it will then prompt you to login using your Facebook account details. You just have to enter your username and password and then the app retrieves all your photographs on Facebook in a separate window. You can select the photographs that you want to share on Google+ and then click on the upload button present at the bottom of your screen.

3- The application requires about 5 minutes to complete the task. However the time may range somewhere around ten minutes depending upon the number of photos and the size of the photos. That’s it. All you favorite pictures are now available on Google+ too.

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