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How to Remove MetaData from Picture Properties (Camera Model, Date etc)

When you capture a picture using a Mobile or digital camera, your camera/mobile embeds information in to your picture. Normally Camera model,date (when picture was taken), GPS location (where picture was taken), ISO speed, focal length etc are embedded with every picture you take using your mobile or digital camera. If you edit that picture using any software such as Adobe Photoshop, this information is also embedded that you edited this picture using Adobe Photoshop. So, this can be little risky sharing picture with this kind of information. This information is called MetaData and here is a simple trick to remove MetaData from pictures.

MetaData Example

Following is a picture taken by a digital camera. I right clicked on the picture and gone to properties of the image, it shown all the information (MetaData) of the picture such as Data, Camera model, ISO speed etc

How to Remove MetaData from Images?

  • First of All, Download a tiny application called JPEG & PNG Stripper . This is just 80kb in size
  • You do not need to install this application. Simply, Extract the downloaded file and Run this application.

    • Once you have RUN the application, simply drag and drop picture into this application.

    • Click on CLEAR and you are done!
    • Simply, go to Properties of that picture and click on Summary, you will see that all MetaData has been removed :)

    MetaData Cleared Example

    I also did the same as mentioned in the article and this tiny application removed all the MetaData within seconds.

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