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How to Rotate Text with CSS3 - Text Rotation in Different Angles

One of the best thing about HTML 5 and CSS3 is, they have introduced so many useful features which were not included earlier. The good thing is, all major browser support CSS3 and HTML5 which makes the web more beautiful and even better. Text Rotation is yet another useful feature of CSS. With text rotation effect, you can rotate any text in various angles.

For Webkit supported browsers, transform is the CSS parameter which begins the magic and rotates the text. Below is the CSS code for text rotation;

-webkit-transform: rotate(-90deg); 
-moz-transform: rotate(-90deg);

This will rotate a text on 90 degree however you can set the degree according to your design-need. I used the above code to display YEAR. Here is an example of above code;

You can change the degree number according to your need. Hopefully you will find it useful.

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