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How to Search and Watch Videos on YouTube Simultaneously

One watches hundreds of videos and when it comes to watching videos online there is hardly anyone of us who does not know about YouTube. Different people browse the websites for different kind of videos like some of us watch videos to learn about new things, some like to listen to songs and some of us browse the site just to kill time and have fun.

Sometimes, one comes across situation when one wants to watch another video or look for some other video while another one is going on. We make note of the videos that appear in the sidebar mentally to watch them next but we completely forget about it later on. However, we now have a solution for the Google Chrome users who can actually search for other videos while watching the one that is going on.

The extension that can be used for the purpose is called YT Background Search. It is a light weight utility that can be downloaded and installed on your system. The extension is quite different from the other extensions. As mentioned, it lets you search YouTube videos while you are watching one, and saves you the hassles of opening a new tab and missing your favorite video. But what makes it different is the way it actually does so.

The extension divides the screen into two different parts. In the lower part one can continue watching the video they were watching while one can search for other videos in the upper part. When you install the extension a bar appears in the browser. Whenever you want to search for a new video type in the name and hit the BG search button. It will then divide your screen into two halves.

The extension is quite easy to work with and works the best with those who visit YouTube very often. This extension will save you from all the unnecessary hassles and will actually enhance your video watching experience.

You can download the YT Background Search Google Chrome Extension from here.

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