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How to Share Status of Of Your Friend on Your or Others Facebook Wall

There are so many reasons to use Facebook and one of them is to stay connected with your friends and family. People update their Facebook walls and let others know whats going on in their life. Facebook has so many handy features which makes it more easier to use Facebook in an easy and productive way. "Share a Status" is one of several hundred useful features of Facebook. Using this feature, you can share the wall status of any friend and can paste it on other friends wall. Here is how you can share statuses among your Facebook friends.

How to Share Facebook Status of a Friend to Others

Well, we all know its much easier to copy and paste the status of someone and paste it on your wall, but sometimes we need an authentic approach to do this. Here is Facebook's approach to share status. Its really very easy and takes few seconds only.

  • Login in Your Facebook account.
  • Go to any wall status that you want to share on other friend's wall.
  • Now, (right) click on the Date shown below status and select "copy link address"

  • Go to the wall (where you want to share that status, it can be a friend's wall, Facebook page, group etc) and paste the link there.

  • Facebook, will automatically extract the status behind that link and will display the status alongside the name and display picture of the person. This makes the status authentic i.e. the status is not altered or modified and shared as it was written.
  • That's it.

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