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How to Uninstall the Custom Themes Installed on Your Windows 7

Windows is the most popular operating system since its release. Time and gain new versions of the operating system were launched to keep up with time and it always offered the users something new that would have been never thought of. Windows comes packaged with a bundle of features. One such feature is the Windows themes. One can use a series of wallpapers that keep changing in the background in Windows 7. Still there comes a time when you get bored with the default themes and want to try out something absolutely different and interesting on your desktop. In such a situation they download some themes from the internet and enjoy the change. However, after some time you will realize though the change looks good but it ultimately harms your system and degrades its performance. So it is always better to uninstall the custom themes from the system.

How to uninstall these custom themes

  • Go to your desktop and right click anywhere on the empty area of the desktop. Then select any default theme from the available options and then click on Apply.
  • In order to delete the custom themes, just click on the theme you want to remove to select it. After that right click on the custom theme in the same personalized menu and then select delete.
  • However, it may not as simple as this always. Reason being, some themes downloaded from the internet are actually virus and one cannot remove them by simply right-clicking. To delete such types of theme, navigate to the folder themes by following the path C:\ -> Windows -> Resources -> Themes.
  • If your Windows is installed in some other drive, instead of C drive, then navigate to the location through that drive.
  • Instead you can also navigate to the themes folder from the command line itself. Press onStart and select the Run option. In the dialog box that appears punch in the following address.


  • Once you are in the themes folder, you will see a bunch of files that includes the default themes offered by Windows and all the custom themes that you have installed over the time. So in order to remove the theme completely from your system, you will have to delete two files. First is the folder with the theme name and .theme file.
  • Delete both the files by right clicking on them. once deleted, you should also remove them from your recycle bin to ensure complete safety as some virus remain active even if in the recycle bin.
  • It will remove the theme permanently from the system.

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