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How to Upload and Post Full Size Images in Blogger Posts

Normally, when we uploaded an image at blogger, we see a small sized picture is displayed in blog post and we are required to click on the picture to see the actual size of the image. Actually, whenever we upload an image, Blogger generates a small or medium size thumbnail in the post however there is a way to show full size picture in blogspot posts. This is really simple and useful way to display HQ pictures in your blog with their actual size.

How to Upload and Post Full Size Images in Blogger Posts

  • Go to Your Blogger Account and Create a New Post
  • Now, Upload an Image and click on Edit HTML when image is uploaded. You will see bunch of code lines.

  •  Now, its time to play with codes. Dont worry, this doesn't make any one mad ;)
  • In the last line, you will see the image name and before this name, you will see something likes320 or s400 (it can be any).

  • Change this to s1600 (s1600 will display the actual size of your uploaded image) andRemove "width" and "height" parameters highlighted in blue color in above picture.
  • Click on "Publish Post" n That's it.

If by displaying full size picture your template looks a bit scattered, you should use another blogger hack called Compress a full size image into certain size. 

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