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How to Upload Your Own Font in Google Web Fonts Directory

Google Web Fonts is yet anther innovative product of Google Inc. Google web fonts have wide collection of web fonts and webmasters can use these fonts on their web pages and blogs using APIs. Google has made it much easier to use Google web fonts and it takes only few minutes to implement the entire process. This adds more beauty to web pages and does not effect page load time as Fonts are hosted on Google's servers and have high up-time and efficiency.

Google fonts have a good and quality collection of web fonts however it also allows you to upload your own font in Google Fonts directory and use it on your web pages using their APIs.

How to Upload Fonts in Google Fonts Directory

  • Open, fill and submit this form.
  • Note: Only submit fonts that you own all related copyrights, trademarks and other rights for.
  • Once you have submitted that form, Google will get back to you via email !

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