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How to Use SkyDrive on Windows XP - SOLUTION

SkyDrive is Microsoft's free cloud storage service. Microsoft is now offering 25GB free upgrade however the bad side of SkyDrive is; you can not install official sync application on your Windows XP because Windows XP is not supported by SkyDrive. You still can't avoid this service as 25GB is a lots of space and its 100% free. Don't worry, there is still a way to use SkyDrive from your Windows XP.

SDExplorer is a useful application which allows you to use your SkyDrive account from your Windows XP. SDExplorer works like Gmail Drive, you need to download and Install SDExplorer in your computer. It would add a new Drive in your "My Computer".

Click on this newly created drive and it enter your SkyDrive login details i.e. your Live account username and password. Once you have entered your details; open this drive again and this time you will see the files of your SkyDrive account. If you have not uploaded any file in your SkyDrive account; you will see two default folders "Document" and "Pictures".

Now, its time to utilize the SkyDrive storage from your Windows XP. Simply copy-paste files from any drive to this new drive and it will be uploaded directly to your SkyDrive account. Bigger files might take some time depending on the size of file. You can download SDExplorer from here.

If you dont feel comfortable with this way, you can try Dropbox; and can get 18GB free storage on dropbox.

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