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How You can Create "" Email Address is yet another web-email service by Microsoft. was known as then Microsoft added new domain as their primary email domain. Microsoft did a new thing this time, they launched this service with almost all ccTLD (country code top level domain) like they will provide to UK people, to Indians etc. However, people can still create email address if they dont want ccTLD with their email address.

Earlier, ignored giving country specific email address to Pakistanis but later they realized importance of Pakistanis for them and started providing email addresses. So, if you are a proud Pakistani and want to show your patriotism in your email address too. Then there is a good news for you, You can create email address for now. For this, you dont have to create a new email address, you can convert your current or email address to

How to Create email address ?

  • Firstly, Sign in your Windows Live (or hotmail) account.
  • Then Go to your Inbox
  • Now, Click the wheel button or option button with the inbox.

  • Then click on "Create a Hotmail alias" from the menu.
  • Now, your browser will navigate you to a new page from where you will be able to choose your alias

  • Simply, select your name and alias and click on "create an alias" button
  • Thats it :) Now you may say your friends to send you emails on your new email address (alias).

This tip is called "alias" and you can add as many aliases as you want. All emails sent to those aliases will be delivered to single inbox i.e. your original email address.

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