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Make Your Facebook Profile Awesome and Attractive within 1 Minute

Alexandre Oudin is supposed to be the first person who create the first awesome profile in Facebook, later so many find his profile outstanding and started creating such profiles. Developers started developing Facebook Apps for creating cool profiles within few seconds and bloggers published this in their blog tips. Now, it has become really easy to create an awesome Facebook profile within short span of time. You can create cool profile either by using Facebook Apps which takes only few seconds or by using Adobe Photoshop which is recommended to professionals. Here are the steps;

Using Facebook App

Earlier, there was a very useful facebook app called "Profile Maker" which was considered the best application to create cool profiles, unfortunately, facebook has disabled that application for some reasons. Now, so many developers have developed such applications. These are the 3 best applications;

  1. Profile Customizer - Allows you to choose custom profiles. They also have a ready-made templates.
  2. Profile Labeler - Allows you to write text in your TAG photos plus ability to upload your own pics.
  3. Profile Banner - It gives you useful options to create a awesome "banner" or "full profile" etc

All of these applications do the same task however "Profile Customizer" works well.

Using Adobe Photoshop

  1. Get a Nice Quality Picture
  2. Crop 180 x 532 of that pic for your Profile Picture 
  3. Crop the picture on the right side of the profile picture in 5 different crops - the crop size = 98×67 px and distance between crops is 2px.

5 Cool Facebook Profile Examples

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