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Manage Your Downloads in Faster and Effective Way for Free

One literally downloads hundred of videos while surfing the internet. Each website has its own settings to allow the download of their files. One cannot find a download link on many of the video websites. However, one can reduce their tension to half by using a good download manager on their system. There is a plethora of options available over the net. One can try and useVDownloader.

VDownloader is a small utility that lets you download your videos from the net. The downloader is distributed under the freeware license and enables you to download video from a number of websites including YouTube, daily Motion and Metacafe. The tool automatically extracts the video URL from the website, the moment you open it in the browser. It then sends you a notification and all you need to do is to press the download button.

The downloader has a user friendly interface and one can learn to use it within minutes. There is nothing technical in it. The VDownloader also prompts you for the name of the file with which you want to save it on your system. This is one of the most lucrative features of the software amongst the others because a number of other download managers automatically save the file with some different names that makes it difficult to locate the file later on. But that’s not the case with VDownloader. It gives you full control over the files so you may never lose them.

The VDownloader comes integrated with its own browser. The browser is not at par with others available like Chrome or Firefox, but the browser is available with the top 20 video sites already bookmarked from where one can download the videos. You can download VDownloader from here.

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