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Pixazza (Google Adsense for Images) Review with Earning Reports (an AdSense for images) is a US based company who provided a great facility to image publishers to make money from pictures. Pixazza was going so good and finally Google acquired this company and made it to work like Google Adsense for images. Now, Google only shows their own ads "Adsense ads" to all publishers who have joined, so now Pixazza has become an Adsense for Images. Here is how Pixazza (AdSense for images) work like;

How Pixazza (AdSense for images) work ?

Currently, you can not integrate AdSense for images in your AdSense account. You will have to create an additional account at to display Adsense ads on pictures. Once you have created an account with,

  • Submit your website in, they will give you a javascript to display ads on images
  • Place that script in Your website, ads will starting working.
  • Now wait for their Review team to check your website quality
  • Once they have approved your website, you will start earning from your website.

Actually, Pixazza will transform your static images into interactive media and will display Google Ads. Pixazza is best for websites or blogs who have pictures related to Cosmetics, Fashion, Automotive, Home interior however people with Tech and Celebrities blog can also join this network to make money from pictures. Here is a video of Pixazza.

How much You can Earn with Pixazza and How do they Pay ?

Well, it depends on various factors such as nature of your picture, traffic location, number of clicks etc. However, as i tested this system, you can earn about $8 to $13 within 100 clicks if you have a celebrity blog. They make payments using PayPal and their threshhold amount is $10 per blog which means you must earn $10 per blog to get paid by You can also set minimum payable amount to $25, $50, $100, $500 etc. Here is an earning report from Pixazza.

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