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Quick Free Way to Resize Images Within Seconds - Change Image Resolution

We all love capturing moments and need to edit those pictures when needed. Normally when we capture pictures from our mobiles or using cameras, we get higher picture resolution and large size file. So, several time we need picture in small resolution and small size. Earlier you came to know how to watermark pictures now its time to tell you how you can re-size pictures, as re-sizing a picture will minimize/maximize the resolution of picture so you will also be able to change the size of pictures. Here is how you can re-size a picture within few seconds using a website.

Internet has so many advantages and one of them is, it provide us so many useful tools online.ResizR is an online tool which allows users to re-size pictures within few seconds for free, Yes! 100% free.Here are the features of this tool!

Features of ResizR

  • Upload Your own image or upload an image from the web providing them image URL.
  • You can easily re-size any image by controlling width of image. Its really easy to do this !
  • You can also rotate images using the same tool.
  • You don't have any need to create an account with them because this website allows you to re-size pictures without any account or login information. This makes the re-sizing process more faster and saves your time.

    So, its time to get rid of downloading and installing software to re-size pictures. Simply open  ResizRfrom any computer connected with internet and re-size as much pictures as you want.

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