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Remove Items From Startup Menu to Make Your Computer Run Faster

Sometimes when you install a software or third party application, it adds itself to the startup list even without your consent. When a number of applications are launched at startup, your system becomes slow and its performance degrades. However, it is a tiresome job to manually check the advanced options of every application and remove them from the list. One may argue that one can easily disable them from the startup list using the "msconfig option". One may not want to go through the hassle of the whole process every time they install a new software. So, instead you can use a free tool called Startup Eye.

Startup Eye is a system tray application that keeps a close eye on every new application installed on the system and which is trying to register itself in the startup list. Whenever software wants to make some changes in the registry it alerts the users. If you are worried about the memory usage then Startup Eye does not use much of your resources. It has a minimal CPU usage and uses only up to 3MB of memory.

The Startup Eye itself launches itself on the startup and can be found in the system tray monitoring the system regularly. However, you can disable it from launching at startup and enable or disable the alarms whenever there is a change in the registry by navigating to Options menu.

Whenever the application makes an attempt to make any change in the registry, the user is prompted about the program, the complete information about the program and an option to remove the entry from the registry or to scan the file. The information also contains the date and time when the change was made, the location in the registry and the location of the application in the system.

If you choose the option to scan the file, the executable file is scanned with the help of Virus Total that tells you about the programs that are not safe. This helps the user to avoid installing applications that may access your data. The application is compatible with almost all the windows version including Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows Server 2003 and Windows Server 2008.

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