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Report and Delete Fake Facebook Profiles - Report Abuse on Facebook

Facebook is world's biggest social network which helps everyone to stay connected with their beloved once. Unfortunately, it is also used by millions of fake profile holders. There are about 700 million facebook profiles and its difficult to find that which one is genuine and which one is fake. If you find a fake profile with Your Real name, you should perform necessary measures as it may be a sign of serious identity theft. The Person who have created fake profile with your Real Name and details may use it for illegal purposes or may use it against you.

Facebook Inc. is also aware of this thing and they have a specialists which take care of your identity but unfortunately, they only work if you let them know about identity theft and fake profile. Facebook staff will remove that profile once you have informed them and they have completed their investigation. There are two very easy ways to report a fake Facebook profile.

Method 1: Using Your Facebook Account

  • Login in Your Facebook Account
  • Go to the Fake Profile
  • Click on "Report/Block This Person" in the left sidebar of that profile.

  • From the next page, select appropriate option and click on Continue.

  • Next step may vary, it depends on your selection of options. From the next page (if you get one) , again click on Continue and you're done.
  • Thats it! Now Facebook will soon take the necessary steps against that fake profile.

Method 2: Sending Them Email

What if you do not use facebook and want to report a fake facebook profile. You can either ask your friend to file an abuse or can send them email at login [at] facebook [dot] com. Dont forget to explain that fake profile has been created in your name or that fake profile is intending to be you etc. Facebook staff will get back to you soon, they may require additional information as well.

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