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Setup Google Apps Email with Cpanel Hosting

Google Apps is free service from Google Inc. which allows you to have free email service, documentation applications, calendar and much more with your own domain name. There are two types of Google Apps, free and paid. Google Apps Standard version for Domains is free and with it you can get 50 free email accounts with your domain name like So, if you have a domain name and hosted some Cpanel hosting like hostgator, hostmonster etc then follow below given steps to integrate Google Apps with Your Cpanel hosting.
Step#1 – Install Google Apps on Your Domain Hosting
  • Now, Enter the Details like first name, last name etc and click on Continue
  • Now, Create your first administrator account by providing details such as a desired username, password etc and then click on “i accept, continue with setup” button.
  • This may take a few minutes to show you next page so, wait for few seconds or minutes.
  • Now, Select the first option “Upload an HTML” and click on Continue
  • Now, Google will ask you to Upload an HTML file to verify domain ownership. Google will say you to create an HTML file with a particular name and copy-paste a particular text also. Simply, create that HTML file with that name and copy-paste the code in that file and save that file.
  • Now Upload that file to your domain hosting
  • After uploading, go back to Google Apps setup page and click on I’ve completed the steps above button.
  • After successful verification, you will be redirected to Google Apps Dashboard.
  • That’s it! You have Completed Step#1.

Step#2 – Change MX Records of Your Domain Hosting
  • Now, Go to your domain hosting panel
  • Find Find MX Entry within Mail menu
  • Now Select Your Domain Name for which you are struggling that much.
  • Now You will see a box as shown in below picture
  • Put Below Given information one by one and click Click ‘Add New Record’ when you’re done. Repeat that step until all five MX record inserted correctly.
Add new MX record. Follow guideline from Google.

Put Priority from table above to Priority in picture below and Mail Server from table to Destinationin picture. 
  • Now, Delete old record with 0 Priority
  • Click Delete link and confirmation of delete will appear. Choose Delete to continue.
  • Its DONE, You Have Completed Step#2.

Step#3 – The Final Step to Enjoy Google Apps.
  • Simply Go to Your Google Apps Email Account using default URL
  • Login in your Account and from Now, you will be able to send and receive emails.

Extra Information about Google Apps 
  • If you want to change the default mail URL then ask your Domain Hosting support to add a CNAME record with following details
  • cname: mail
  • direction:
Note: You can not do this from you cpanel directly so you need to ask your domain hosting support to do this. Hostgator did this for me within few minutes as its my domain hosting company.
  • Now, when support team has created a cname record.
  • Login at your Google Apps dashboard from
  • Now Click on Email
  • Now its time to change Web address of Email, so, Click on Change URL button

  • Now Select the second option and click on Continue
  • Finally, Click on I’ve completed these steps on the new opened page and THATS IT!
Now you have installed Google Apps Standard Edition (free edition) on your cpanel hosted domain name. Now you can send and receive emails with your domain email address for free. Whenever you want to login in your email account, Just open
This Google Apps guide works with all hosting companies having Cpanel such as Hostmonster, Hostgator, Godaddy hosting etc. If You Face any problem, please submit in comments.

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