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Show Google Ads in Emails and Increase Your Earnings - Legally

Google Adsense is one of the most used product of Google, website/blog owners and content publishers generate revenue by displaying Google ads on their website pages. Google Adsense supports Adsense for Contents, Adsense for Mobile, Adsense for Domains and Adsense for Feeds. Adsense for Contents is most used feature of Adsense as it is used to display ads on website pages. Publishers ignore other features of Adsense such as Adsense for Search and Adsense for Feeds.

Many smart publishers use Adsense for feeds to generate extra revenue from their websites. I at, also use Adsense for feeds and earn few additional bucks out of it. Adsense for Feeds displays ads in your feed using Google Feedburner, Feedburner then sends your blog updates to all subscribers and ads are displayed below each post in email. So, If you publish 10 posts in a day, Feedburner will send 1 email containing those 10 posts and Google Ad will be displayed below each posts.  This is really amazing way to increase your Google Adsense earning. 

How to Show Google Ads in Emails - Legally ?

  • First of All, Signup for Feedburner, if you do not use already.
  • Now, Login in Your Adsense account, Click on "Adsense Setup" and then on "Adsense for Feeds"
  • If you are using same account for Adsense and Feedburner, you will see your feed on this page, otherwise you will see an option to transfer your feed from other account to Adsense. Do the suitable step.
  • Ones you have transfered your feed in Google Adsense for Feeds page, Click on Save.
  • Thats it !

      Now, whenever you will update your blog, Your udpates will be shown in Feedburner Feed and Google Ads will be displayed below each post then Feedburner will send your updates including Google ads to all your feed subscribers.

      Additional Tip: Use Post summary function (show some part of your posts) in Feed rather than displaying full posts in rss feeds.

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