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Show Google Ads ON pics and Make More Money with Adsense for Images

Google AdSense launch another awesome ad service which will increase AdSense publishers earnings for sure. Earlier we mentioned few steps tomaximize adsense earnings such as by placing Google ads in emails legally. Google Adsense for images is yet another amazing way to improve your Adsense earnings. In Adsense for images, ads's title will be displayed on the pictures and entire ad will pop-out when user will came the mouse cursor on the picture. This is really an amazing way to increase your Google Adsense earning. is the company behind this. This company started Ads for images, Google liked the idea and acquired the company and started displaying their own ads on images. Displaying ads on pictures was a nice idea by Pixazza and acquiring this company was a nice idea by Google. This feature is not yet integrated with publisher's adsense account. You need an account with seperately. Follow below instructions.

How to Use Google Adsense for Images or Pictures ?

Currently, Google Adsense for images is not integrated with Google Adsense official website.Publishers must join to display Google ads on images. Your publisher-id will not be used in Google Adsense for images. Ads will look like below shown picture;

This is really impressing way to make more money with Google Adsense. Publishers can easily earn $5 to $10 within 50 clicks having a celebrity blog. Hurry Up! Join Google Adsense for Images and make extra money from images.

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