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Simple and Quick Way to Secure Your Facebook Account from Hackers

Facebook is the community used by almost every internet users that is why facebook accounts are hacked more than any other kind of accounts. Being (an ethical) hacker, i know hacking some one's Facebook is not a big deal and its really easy to hack facebook account however on the same time, its much easier to secure your account from hackers, even from their masters. Following are the tips to secure your Facebook by ensuring your account security. Following these instructions you will be able to save your account from hackers even they know your passwords.

How to Secure Your Facebook Account ?

  • Login your account and click on Account > Account Settings here you can Control Your browsing and login security options.

  • Now Under "Account Security" section , select "Login Approval" check box.
  • Now, its type to Setup Login approvals

  • In this setup process, Facebook will send you a confirmation code on your mobile phone, get that code and paste in the given box.

  • Submit code and you are done with setting up approval system.

How it Works ?

Actually, now, after using Facebook Approval system, whenever you will login in your facebook account, Facebook will send you a code in your mobile via sms, You will have to submit that code in Facebook every time before logging in your account which gives you more security and save your accounts from hackers even they know your passwords because they would not be able to login your account as they will not be able to get the CODE that facebook send on your mobile phone.

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