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Simple Ways to Stay Happy in Life

To live happy someone should be fresh e.g. he/she should take shower every day, use of perfume, body spray, change of hair style time to time, change the style of dressing, use hand bags if girl, use impressive language style. Remember don’t change yourself, these activities only to show your hygienic. This kind of activities will improve your personality and make you fresh. Freshness should be on your face. Just try to love yourself as you are. You will realize that once you are comfortable with what you are, others will accept you more willingly. As much as you look fresh others will love to remain in your company and this will make you happier than others. 

Stay Cool in Any Way

“Being Happy isn’t mean that everything is perfect, it means that you decided to look beyond imperfection.” Consider this, no one can make you unhappy if you have decided for sure that you will be happy in every situation. If you have made up your mind to be happy, you can always seek out the positive aspects of a situation and remain happy. Life may throw challenges at you but solutions will come faster and to you if you face them with a smile on your face. 

Gain Respect

Can any one ever-live Happy without respect? Respect gives you time to grow and to love more yourself. To gain respect from others, first you should respect yourself. Never allow yourself to be emotionally attached and dependent on others it will lose your respect. Start to appreciate yourself, love what you do, be independent (Being independent means you know how to decide for your own and can be able to find ways and means to live on) and be happy always. To be respectful, respect yourself isn’t enough, someone have to give respect others also e.g. to gain respect from a child it is important to play with him, to gain from a girlfriend or wife is to give them more attention, to gain from parents let them feel that they are very precious for you and so on. Use this kind of ways to gain respect from others. Human beings love to be respectful in this world. Happiness and respect go hand in hand as one cannot exist without the other. 


Hobbies are the actually way to make you happy. As they are your personnel interests. You may have been a good singer but never found time to practice music all the while you worked. Or, you may have loved to paint but never found time to. Now is the time; in fact, you have all the time in the world to pursue your interests. Do not ever forget just how happy you felt singing, painting, taking pictures, or cooking, as these were the things that gave you peace of mind. Since you need to be at peace now more than at any other time, you must pursue your interests. 

Go out with Your Family to Enjoy Nature

Take time off to enjoy nature, life and the small things that we take for granted on a daily basis. A beautiful sunset can bring you joy, if only you would take a few minutes out of your daily schedule and look at it, and this joys look more beautiful with our family.

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