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Top 10 Softwares to Install on Your Computer (for Windows 7 and XP)

Whenever you install a new operating system on your there are a number of software that you need to install to make the best out of your machine. There are quite a number of tools that come along with Windows 7, but that are not sufficient. There are a number of tools that are required on a new or formatted system but we have listed below the ten most essential softwares that are a must have in our opinion. You may have other suggestions. Let us have a look.

10. EASEUS Partition Master

The EASEUS partition manager is an effective tool that can be used to create partitions on your disks and manage them. Even if you have created the partitions during installation, the software is still recommended as it enables you to resize the partitions. You can also merge two partitions or split an existing one, convert any partition into primary partition and also conversion from FAT to NTFS is also possible. The personal edition is available as freeware.
Download Link: click here

9. PC Decrapifier

A majority of brands load their systems with a number of proprietary software that serve no purpose. One should remove them from the system to free some memory and also to ensure the smooth functioning. So, the software that can help you to remove the unwanted stuff from the system is the PC Decrapifier.
Download Link: click here

8. Macrium Reflect

Whatever said and done, your system is after all a machine. One can never predict when it may break down so it is quite important to always take a backup of all your important data and files. You can use the Windows backup and restore center that creates a system image. However, this may not be available in all editions so you can use Macrium Reflect. It can be used to create a system image and perform many other backup tasks.
Download Link: click here

7. Ninite

Whenever you have a new Windows in front of you, the most frustrating part is to sit and install a number of software one by one. This can take quite a lot of time but you have to sit in front of the system clicking next. Ninite however frees you from this hassle. You can select a few softwares and Ninite takes care of the rest.
Download Link: click here

6. Revo Uninstaller

There are times, when you install a few softwares but then you hardly use them. That is not the problem. The problem is when you uninstall them; there are still some files that remain on your system. So, you can use the Revo Uninstaller to uninstall programs completely from your system.
Download Link: click here 

5. CCleaner

This is yet another useful tool that helps you maintain the system and also remove unnecessary or temporary files and data. The program is updated regularly. This is mostly used to uninstall applications, repair registry entries, create restore points, delete temporary files, manage boot sector area etc. One cannot miss it for sure.
Download Link: click here 

4. Microsoft Security Essentials

This is one of the best software that has been offered by Microsoft and that too for free. This tool is far better than a number of antivirus softwares and offer full protection to the system against antivirus, malware and spyware.
Download Link: click here

3. Dropbox

People usually avoid the process of backup and then regret in a crisis situation when they lose all their data and do not have any backup. So, if you also do not like to sit and take a backup of all your data you can use Dropbox. It is an online tool that automatically backups all your data.
Download Link: click here

2. Recuva

It must have almost each one of us. We unintentionally delete some important files permanently. Recuva helps you out in such situations. It helps you recover the deleted files. The best part is this amazing tool is available for free.
Download Link: click here 

1. Google Chrome

I have barely come across anyone who does not surf the net. Google Chrome makes your surfing fast and quick. Its multiple tab system and quick selection of a page on every tab makes your surfing hassle free.
Download Link: click here

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