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Transfer Domains from to - Step by Step Guide is largest domain registrar. However one may feel uncomfortable with GoDaddy because of difficult navigation system. Difficult navigation means, GoDaddy makes harder by showing so many offers and services when you register or renew domain with Its always better to go with some plain and simple registrar which gives you best services in a simple and clean way. is the company who is known as "Simply the best" registrar.

They do not show you irrelevant offers, they do not advertise their website with sexual ads as Godaddy do. offers domain names for low price and they also offer coupons and promos to get additional discount. Furthermore, they are also offering 100% free whois record service for your domain names. They are very easy to use and their support is much faster and cooperative than so registering domain with or transferring your existing domain name to is always a wise decision. Here is how you can


  • The domain name to be transferred is not in 'locked' Status.
  • You must have access to the administrative contact email for the domain.
  • You can provide the domain EPP key code, applying to domains for which there is such a code.
  • There are more than 15 days till the domain name expiration date.
  • The domain name was registered for the first time more than 60 day ago.

Steps to Transfer Domain name from to

  • Login in Your and click on My Account from menu.
  • Click on the Domain name that you want to transfer and let godaddy launch Domain dashboard.
  • Now Click on Quick View

  • Godaddy will refresh this page and show you a new dashboard
  • Unlock this domain by Clicking on LOCKING icon
  • Now, from the same page, click on "Authorization Code" to receive your domain Authorization Code which is required by your new registrar ( They will email you the authorization code within few minutes after click on the link.

  • Received Authorization Code ? Great, now go to and enter your domain name and authorization code.
  • Domain transfer charges will be added in your shopping cart, Now login in your account, make the required payment, check your email and confirm the transfer. Within next few days (2 to 5 days), your domain name will be transferred in your Simply The account.

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