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Trick to Get Old Facebook Chat Back - New Facebook Chat is Not That Good

Recently, Facebook made many changes such as they introduced Facebook Messages, Facebook Video Chat and they also made changes in Facebook Chat system. New Facebook Chat shows also those people who are not online and many people just hate this thing or this does not satisfy them. If you are one of them who do not like new Facebook Chat, here is a good news for you; now you can get old Facebook chat back easily.

This trick needs a software to be installed in your browser. Currently, you can get old Facebook chat on Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome browsers as they support latest scripts. If you are using FireFox or Chrome, follow this trick else first download any of these two browser.

How to Get Old Facebook Chat Back ?

  • If you using Mozilla Firefox, Click here to install an addone called Greasemonkey. After installation, restart firefox (if you are using chrome, move to next step)

  • Using Chrome or Firefox, Whatever... Click Here to install a script called Facebook Sidebar Chat Reversion. This works on Firefox and Chrome both.

  • Install this script on your browser, restart your browser and Enjoy Old Facebook Chat Back !

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