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Use Facebook With Ufone SMS Without Internet Connection

Everyone knows what facebook is and how important role it plays in our real life. Some say its useful and some say its useless though Facebook have about 700 million registered accounts with them which clearly shows about every internet user is on facebook. Thats why facebook is ranked overall number 2 after Google however Facebook is ranked number 1 in Pakistan by Alexa as Pakistanis use Facebook more than Google or any other website. So, as its ranked Number 1 in Pakistan, so Pakistanis must be able to manage their facebook via SMS.

I hope you have read how to use twitter with ufone sms, Now its time to know how to use facebook with Ufone SMS. Ufone's this another useful feature will makes you enable to have decent control on your facebook account.

What You can Do with Ufone's Facebook Alerts Feature ?

  • Update Your Facebook status
  • Subscribe to friend’s status updates and reply to status updates
  • Send & Receive a message to and from a friend
  • Post a message on friend’s wall or receive wall messages from friends
  • Add a friend
  • Find email address of a friend
  • Find information of a friend
  • Poke a friend
  • Undo status changes
  • De-activate/Re-activate notifications on mobile handsets
  • Upload picture on Facebook from mobile handset

How to Use Facebook via SMS with Ufone ?

  • Login in Your Facebook Account
  • Click on "Account" and then click on "Account Settings"
  • Now Click on "Mobile" and then click on "Register for Facebook Text Messages"
  • Select "Ufone" from Mobile Carrier option and click on "Next"
  • Now, you will have to activate your mobile number on facebook. To activate your number pickup your mobile having Ufone SIM in it, type F and send it to 32665 and within few minutes you will receive a text message from Facebook containing piece of code.
  • Enter that code in your facebook opened dialog box and click confirm.
  • Thats It !

Facebook SMS Commands

  • Type any message and send it to 32665 to update your status.
  • To Remove recently updated status; Type Undo and send it to 32665
  • Send “MSG <friend’s name> <text>, to 32665 e.g., “MSG Usman hey man where are you” to 32665
  • Send Wall <friend’s name> <text>, to 32665 e.g., “Wall Usman hey did you pass the exam?” to 32665
  • Send “Poke <friend’s name>” to 32665 e.g. “Poke Usman” to 32665”
  • Send Send “unsubscribe <friend’s name>” to 32665 e.g. “unsubscribe Usman” to 32665” 
  • Send “Find <friend’s name>” to 32665 e.g., “Find Usman” to 32665 and get their information on name, e-mail, status, marital status, mobile number and more.
  • Send “Add <friend’s name>” to 32665 e.g., “Add Usman” to 32665. User will get a list of people matching their criteria with closest matches of their friend’s name.
  • Send “Email <friend’s name>” to 32665 e.g. “Email Usman”. User friend has to be on facebook to retrieve the email address.
  • Send “Help” to 32665
  • Send “OFF” to 32665. User will no longer be able to receive notifications on their handset.
  • Send “ON” to 32665. User will start receiving notifications again. However user already needs to be a registered user to SMS mobile notifications.

Service Charges

  • All SMS sent to 32665 will be charged Re 1 plus tax.
  • All notifications received are free of charge.
  • Picture upload charges are as per MMS standard i.e. Rs 5 plus tax/64KB
  • For GPRS access, standard GPRS charges apply


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