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What Kind of Website You should Have to Earn Big Money with Adsense

There are so many ways to make money online but Google Adsense is one of the greatest way to make money by publishing contents online through websites, blogs, forums etc. Google Adsense is widely used by publishers because they allow users to make maximum money per click. As Google Adsense pays their publishers with respect to clicks so click rates vary according to keywords. As different keywords have different click rates so people will make money according to subjects they have chosen to blog on. Lets have a look at how we can make huge money in small number of clicks.

Why You Earn Low Money with Adsense ?

Many bloggers have successful blogs on various niches but they always feel irritation to see low Adsense earning even after thousands of Clicks. They think that Google is doing injustice with them by paying too low click rate. Actually, its not the reason. Reason behind low Adsense earning is, they have chosen a subject which contains low-profit keywords. Such as, If your website or blog is related to Wallpapers, Bollywood, Celebrities, Entertainment etc your per click earning will be amazingly low i.e. you may earn about $20 to $30 per 1,000 clicks.

Reason: We all know Google shows related ads on blogs, so if your blog is related to wallpapers, Google will show ads related to Wallpaper sites, as Wallpaper sites allow users to download everything for free, so an advertiser will not bother to pay a lot of money to Google for displaying their ads for low profit.

How People Earn Huge Money with Adsense ?

Now, Lets talk about How people are earning huge money per click. The reason behind is, their blogging subjects. They blog about high paying keywords, their websites are based on keywords that having high paying rates such as Forex, Insurance, Loans, Laywers, Health, Technology, Hosting etc. These are highest paying keywords. People can easily earn $1,000 from 400-500 clicks if their website is about Forex.

Reason: Such keywords, as mentioned above, have high paying rates as these sites offer paid services. Paid Services means once Google sends a user to them, there are maximum chances the user will buy their products or services instantly or in future. As such sites make huge profits from Google Adsense traffic, thats why Google charges them a heavy amount sending a single user.

What Sould you do to Maximize Your Google Adsense Earning ?

Think twice before starting a blog that what should be your blogging subject. Try to go with profitable subject or high paying keyword or optimize your Adsense for maximum adsense earningbut remember, its much better to blog on subject in which you have more interest. For Example, If you go with Forex, you may get bore if its not your interest, then its much better to blog about little low paying subject such as Technology, Hosting or Entertainment. Remember, always blog according to your interest as its a famous quote

You can not be successful until you enjoy what you do.


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