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Why You Should not Use Trademarks Words in Your Domain Name

A friend of mine was starting his brand new website about templates and asked me about domain name. I told him few general domain names however i suggested him to choose your desired name only rather than picking from my ideas and feeling unhappy later. So, he thought few names like WordPresstemps or Bloggertems, iPhonetemps etc. However he then felt little unsecure as he was using tradermark words in his domains so he asked me again if he safe using trademark words in his domain.

Basically, there are two kind of trademarks. 1st, common law trademarks and 2nd, registered trademarks. As my field is not trademark registration or i do not belong to a law firm so i recommended him a trademark officer.

Actually, ICANN has a Uniform Domain-Name Dispute-Resolution Policy where its clearly mention that domain registration can also be cancelled on later stages if someone file a complaint against the registrar or domain owner. There have been many such cases when giant companies filed suit against a domain-owner and say them to transfer the domain name. Even domain owner denies the request, he will have to hire an attorney and will have to cover the fee.

Lets come back to the topic, well, if you use WordPress, Blogger, iPhone kind of trademarks in your domain name then possibly these companies are not going to file a complaint against you because they will enjoy great publicity from your domain name too. However you must mention in footer that Your blog does not have connection with WordPress, Blogger, iPhone or whatever brand name you use.

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