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YouTube In The Current Scenario and its 7 Applicability

here are various websites which are generally accessed by people. One of such website is YouTube which was formed in year 2005. Based in California, it is website which was created by the employees of PayPal. However, In 2006, it was bought by Google Inc and is now part of Google. The main element of the site is that it deals in video sharing.

The main features of YouTube are

  • It is a video sharing site;
  • One can view, upload and download videos for free;
  • The concept of YouTube works on Adobe Flash and HTML5;
  • It is user generated site. That is the videos which are available are uploaded by viewers only and nobody else, provided a person can upload a video only if he/she is registered with YouTube. However, non-registered person can view the content for free.

The application of YouTube by public has increased tremendously in recent years. It is site which not only helps in sharing of videos, rather, it is informative channel where one can connect with each other in no time, advertise latest products, share useful information etc. There is no set criteria s to how to use YouTube, However, certain important points are mentioned which talks about the tips to use YouTube. 

These are:

  1. One important point that must be considered is that; always tag the videos which a person is uploading. It must be tagged along with the keywords. It is essential to tag because if the video cannot be searched with the related keyword then there is no use to upload the file;
  2. It is better to upload videos which are of short durations;
  3. It can be used to advertise products;
  4. One must always watermark the video with URL;
  5. It can be sued as communication channel by providing an option to leave comments. This also leads in increase in traffic;
  6. One should always provide a link which leads to the website;
  7. It is only registered users who can upload a video, though; non-registered users can view the videos for free.

However, there is nothing which comes for free. With every new invention comes with it, its drawbacks. YouTube is no exception. It has its own set of controversies. It has adult content which becomes the topic of debate for many, at times YouTube has be charged with the infringement of the copyright (Viacom User data controversy)etc.

Thus, since the content on YouTube can be uploaded by anyone, it is very difficult to stop certain offensive material which is not right to be viewed by people in certain circumstances, such as, adult material viewed by the children of age below 18.

However, every set of inventions and development has its own set of advantages and drawbacks and thus, must be followed with due care and by respecting the sentiments of every religion and the general public.

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