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3 Essential Tips For Selling Your Blog!

While creating your first ever blog you would have never thought that you are gonna sell that blog.But as the time passes you start to rake in some Mullah and you think how much is my blog worth or how much can I earn just by selling my blog.Though it might be case of a Famous story of Golden eggs where in you try to get to many to early and end up getting nothing! J

But if you made your mind of selling your blog then you might consider reading this useful tips which would help you sell your blog and get some good money out it.

Before you start thinking of selling your blog the first question that should arise in your mind is that
How much is my Blog worth?

Though there are no hard and fast rule for calculating the exact worth of a blog,but buyers do prefer to pay hefty amount if you have some Good amount of unique visitors.Here the word “Good” has different meaning for different different buyers.Some might think having a daily visit count of 500 would be good whereas some might think 2k daily visitors would be good enough,it depends. We can talk all about the site visitor count, but in the end, remember that your blog is worth what someone will pay for it.

In addition to traffic stats buyer’s nowadays also look for the profits that a blog is generating.A buyer would surely love to have a blog which has a good amount of profit coming in through it.Though this just an estimation,your blog’s worth is 10-12 times the monthly profit that you generate from it.

i.e If your blogs monthly profit is around 100$ then you blog might well sell as a price anywhere ranging between 1K to 1.2K $’s.Though just an estimation. J

The other important factor that buyer’s nowadays look for is how much backlink a blog is having and on which platform the blog is running

If you personally ask me Blog’s running on WordPress get high prices because of its easy to you interface.
Selling your blog!

After you have done a rough calculation of the estimated price that you can get from your blog,next step is to gather your blog’s statistics together,because seriously interested buyers would surely look for your blog’s stats and earnings to check wether you have given the details to them are correct or not.

You might also consider adding the average investment that you make on your site like Cost of hosting,domain names,marketing,paying authors etc etc.This is the last part of getting your blog to sell.

The next part is getting Buyer’s for it! :p which is the most difficult part.
Finding Buyer’s

The best way to find buyers for your blog is posting about your blog in different different forums where buyer’s are always are in look for blog’s.You might also consider adding a post on your blog itself,that you are looking for buyer’s for your blog.

But also make sure that you don’t choose to sell your blog to a spammer/scammer who would just get hold of your blog without even paying you the amount.So for this very reason you might consider finding a blog broker first and mail him the important information about your blog and tell him find a good buyer because he has more contacts than you and selling blog’s is his job.

Though Blog brokers may cost you some cabbage,but you are rest assured that you are gonna sell your blog at a good rate and also you are get your money J

There’s one more thing that you should keep in mind while selling blog is that you also need to contact the previous clients of the blog buyer to get a references of how the buyer deals and check if the buyer is not spammer!

Hope this points help you in choosing a good buyer and selling your blog at a good rate.Though you can again build 10’s of blog from the money you are getting from it but getting the visitors again might be a difficult task!

What Next? Feel free to comment that you have experienced while selling your blog’s! J

This Post has been written by Gupta Sumit aka Sumoni,who is a writer for technozeast.Do find out him on technozeast.Get in touch with him on twitter

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