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4 Best Tips To Quickly Sell Ad Spaces

If you have a blog or website have you thought how you can quickly sell ad spaces? After all, the whole idea of owning a blog or website is generate profit by way of advertisements. There might be days at end, where one can simply not get hold of a lucrative advertisement deal. If you are the proud owner of a blog or website then you must be on the lookout to quickly sell ad spaces and earn profit. After all more sale of ad spaces would actually lead to more cash inflow. Here are 4 tips to quickly sell ad spaces. Read Also: Blogging For The Money Using Advertisements

1. Sell little more than normal ad space:

There are so many blogs and websites. Each one sells ad space. The question that one needs to keep in mind is that what more can you offer in order to ensure that the offered ad sense actually sells quickly and fast. The best way to ensure that your deal offers a little more that simple and plain ad sense is to ensure that you offer some special features to the people who show interest in buying your ad space. Like one deal you can offer can be extended to the first five people who come to sign up a deal for ad space with you. These lucky 5 will get a premium website template along with the ad space. This would attract advertisers as they would like to grab the opportunity to benefit from 2 deals at the price of one. This is a great technique for those who are new in this field. During the initial days, not many people would actually want to buy your ad space. This technique will help you then.
2. Run a Contest:

In order to attract more and more people to buy your ad space you can run a tempting contest. This contest would entail that on purchase of a premium ad space one would get a gift or raffle entry for the monthly lucky draw. The gift can be some extra features or simple ad space. You can also tempt the buyers by offering them personal items like an I pad and so on.
3. Discounts for ad Space:

Another way to lure advertisers is by offering discounts. Many a time, when you are suffering from severe lack of advertisers in this case, it makes absolute sense to offer discounts to people buying ad space. Not only would they be able to buy the ad space at a cheaper rate but might also get tempted to buy extra ad space.
4. Long Term Advertising Option:

Often, advertisers are on the lookout for long term advertising space. Here they my pay bulk amount and book the ad space for a couple of years. Naturally this offer ensures that you get the ad space sold for a few months at a discounted price.

The above 4 tips generally work though the extent of affect may differ from one to another.

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