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5 Benefits of Participating in a Blog Challenge

This is a guest post by Micheal Ooi.

Have you ever wonder sometimes, when you saw a blog challenge organized by some random fellow blogger and you often wonder whether you should participate or not? and is there any benefit for me to participate in this blog challenge?

Now let me personally explain to you the top 5 benefits of participating in a blog challenge.
Help you to Improve your writing skills.

Generally, the more you write the faster you improve your writing skills. There is an old saying goes by, practice make perfect. Now this is exactly true and I can personally tell you from my experience that, I first started writing my blog post, it basically take me about 8 hours to write a post and now it just take me maybe about 1-2 hours to write one.
Help you build your personal brand.

As you can see, each time you participate in a blog challenge, you get notice by other bloggers too. Your personal brand is exposure to others and long before you know it, you are on your way to become an expert in your particular niche.
Help you receive more traffic to your blog.

I personally believe this is the fastest way and more interactive way to build your traffic, most host blogger for this challenge will likely link back to your post and in return you might get new traffic source from their community. As far as I know, visitor who visited your blog get recommended by other blogger generally spend twice longer time in reading your blog than visited through search engine.

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Fresh, keyword targeted content for your blog

As you can see, the blog topic is mostly researched by blog challenge organizer and all you need is to fill up the content within the topic given and then you are done, an extra blog post with a targeted niche keyword.
Receive encouragement from your commentators.

This is extremely important, when I first started blogging, I was very excited and keep pumping content day after day, but as time goes on, I become less motivated as I don’t have any encouragement from anyone to keep me motivated and soon before you knew, your blog is dead already. In order not to repeat the mistake myself, I tend to join other blog community whether by blog commenting or posting content on other blogs just to keep me motivated and once in the while, getting an encouragement from others can be very rewarding too.

Frankly speaking, I can only inspired you so much: The next step, is all up to you. Whether to choose to take action or to continue to read as usual.

If you decided to choose the 1st choice by taking action, then I would like to congratulate you for choosing the correct choice.

Author Bio:

Micheal Ooi is a blogger in, he blog about his online passive income journey. He also consult and provide service to various business owner on how to generate more sales by using less marketing budget. By the way, I am having a Blog Challenge: Question and Answer in my blog now. I would like to welcome you to participate in this blog challenge now.


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