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5 Smart Ways to Increase Page Views of Your Articles

The most common problem that most people experience is low article page views. With millions of articles published on other websites, your articles must compete with other articles in order to grab your audience’s attention. It is very discouraging to have less than 100 page views for each article that you write. Therefore, you have to change the way you do your article marketing if you want to increase your article page views.

Here are 5 smart ways to increase page views of your articles:
1. Make your title powerful

Without good title, you will not be able to persuade your readers to read your articles. Your title holds the key to attract traffic to your articles. Your title will determine whether people will read your article or not. So, make it powerful. Make it inspiring. Your title must be able to attract people to take a look at your article. So, make sure to think carefully about the title of your articles before submitting them to article directories.
2. Make your first paragraph catchy

Your first paragraph is your chance to engage your readers deeper into the body of your article. So, make sure that you’re able to catch their interest in your first paragraph. Remember, your readers want something of value, so if you can give the hint about the value that they will get from your article, make sure to do it in your first paragraph. To sum it up, use your first paragraph to initiate interest of your readers to read the rest of your article.
3. Write high quality and interesting article

Your article should be high quality so that people will enjoy reading more and more of your articles. If your article is known to have high quality, readers will naturally want to read more of your articles. Thus, quality of your article will determine the popularity of your article. Not only high in quality, your article must also be interesting so that your readers will happily read your article from beginning to end.
4. Insert your keywords effectively

Don’t keyword-stuff your articles. Place your keywords effectively to optimize your article for search engine placement. First of all, do not put more than 3% keyword density to your article. You can place your main keyword throughout your article, naturally. Don’t try to force it since it will make your article look awkward. Don’t forget to add some additional related keywords as well.
5. Point some backlinks to your article

Backlinks will give your article more weight in the search engine result. Most people just write articles and leave it as it is. They don’t take the next step to build backlinks for their articles. This is often the cause of their low article page views. If you want to boost traffic to your articles, point some backlinks to your articles with your keywords as anchor text.

The more people read your articles, the more traffic you will get to your website. If you’re trying to drive traffic to your website by using article marketing, you have to get lots of page views for your articles in order to channel that traffic into your website. Use the smart ways above to increase page views of your articles.

Author Bio:This article has been written at iDev Blogs. They are one of India’s largest blogging firms working on a number of blogs, one of which is Android tips where they cover Root Android phones tutorials.




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