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Five Quick Tips for Better Blog Monetization

Everyone is always looking to monetize their blogs to the fullest. Unfortunately, placing banner ads on your site isn’t one of the best ways to make money, and not only are they hard to sell if you don’t have a done of traffic or an authority blog, but they are also quite ugly when you have a bunch of “Advertise Here” banners throughout your site.

Below we are going to cover five quick alternatives to selling banner ads on your blog and how you can start cashing in on the process.
1.) Sell Your Own Product

An easy no brainer way to start making money from your blog is to sell your own products/services or banner. Best of all you will earn 100% on all sales!

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2.) Link Up With Quality Brands and Merchants

Whenever you mention a brand or service currently offered on the internet, you can look to see if they currently have an affiliate program of their own. If they do, you should start linking to them within your blog content. This will results in higher click rates and commissions versus traditional banner ads that no one clicks on. is a great brand to link up with, and one of the world’s top affiliate marketing programs to join.
3.) Monetize the Text within Your Content

There are plenty of web sites out there that offer contextual based advertising, such as Through their advertising network they can turn your regular text content into links to advertisers, web sites and products. Whenever someone clicks on this content, you would earn a commission per click.
4.) Build Up Your Mailing List

This is one of the easiest and most effective ways to get people to keep coming back to your blog. Incentivize your audience to sign up for your mailing list by offering a free ebook or guide that is already relevant to your traffic.
5.) Affiliate Marketing

Just like we mentioned about linking yourself up to well known brands and services, nearly every web site niche and topic has an associated affiliate program that you can start earning money from. No matter what you are writing about on your blog, there is a great chance you will find a quality affiliate program that would love to have your site traffic. Read Also: Top 5 Tips for Affiliate Marketing.

Take a look at your web site and if you are currently overwhelmed with open ad space and unsold banners, it’s probably time you started to look at better monetization options. Go through the list above to see which options are best for you and your site.

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