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Google Page Rank Update 3 May 2012

There has been recent Google Page Rank Update 3 May 2012. Google PR is very important for sites and blogs. Google PR basically ranks a page on the basis of its backlinks and how authorative that link is. And high Google PR may boost ranking of the site.

Google Page Rank Update

Google page rank update happens after 3-4 months after previous update. and Yes! It was 2st page rank update of 2012 which was Google Page Rank Update 3 May 2012. You can check yourpage rank now here.

AllBloggingTips most of internet pages, posts and Guest Articles got Pr 3 2 or 1. But no change on main site Page rank :( well, I hope next time we will be lucky and get Page rank 4-5 ;) Here I am sharing some useful tips which you can easily follow to increase your page rank before next page rank update

Tips To Increase Your Page Rank.

Here i am sharing some important tips to increase your page rank for next page rank update.

I hope above tips help you a lot to increase page rank. NO ! than Also read below helpful articles to increase your page rank in no time..

So I am hope these tips will help you. How was May Page rank update turns out to be for you? And Have you seen any change in Page rank after this update? Also, share any special technique to increase your page rank in next update Augest- ? Anyways, I’m expecting that next update will around Augest-September 2012.

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