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How Do You Benefit From Guest Bloggers?

As a writer you are tied to two things: your writing style and the content that your readers see. When you’ve grown your blog from a speck on the blogosphere radar to a force to be reckoned with, it may be difficult to consider allowing guest bloggers. However, there is more than one benefit to including other expert content.

Another Expert

When you have nestled yourself into a small blog niche, it’s easy to become a broken record. Weaving the same topics in and out of various blog posts can become monotonous. Having a guest blogger can provide a fresh look on old content or traditional views on something new.
Set expectations: When inviting guest bloggers to contribute content, invite them to read through your posts. Make sure that they know your market and audience before accepting any posts.
Benefit: Allowing another expert take the spotlight gives your readers something new; switching it up gives them a reason to keep coming back. It also adds more backbone to support your current and future work.
Greater Audience

When you shop your work around the social network world, you reach the audience you have created for yourself. While this bodes well for your readership, you are restricted to just those people. Guest bloggers can broaden who your blog reaches.
Set expectations: Make it clear that part of the gig is to promote the post wherever they can, including their person blog.
Benefit: Suddenly, you are potentially reaching thousands of people you would have never been able to. Gaining the trust of those who faithfully follow your guest blogger can increase your daily flow of traffic and long term readers.
Other Opinions

While your readers believe in what you bring to the table, there are always other opinions and sides of your topic. Bringing other opinions to the forefront give your readers something new to think and comment about.
Set expectations: While other opinions are welcome, be clear that it should still be relevant to your current blog theme. Keep it on track to see results.
Benefit: If your comment section has been stagnant, this can be a good conversation starter. Comments cultivate a sense of community, which is important in keeping a steady readership.
Surplus of Content

If you get a significant amount of requests for guest posts, this gives you the opportunity to step back and play editor for a little while. Guest bloggers are usually looking to increase traffic to their blog as well, so giving them the opportunity to write more than one post for you can be beneficial for both parties.
Set expectations: If you find a great writer, invite them to be a regular contributor; especially if their post seemed to cause significant conversation. Place this in your guest posting guidelines to give the writers a reason to present their best work.
Benefit: This allows you take some writing time off while still providing fresh, quality content to your readers.

Allowing others to guest post on your blog is a great way to gain more viewership, keep your content fresh, and give fellow bloggers the opportunity to reach new audiences. If you set out your expectations beforehand, you can be sure to reap all the benefits. As a win-win for everyone, it’s a no brainer.




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