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How To Install WordPress Theme Manually


WordPress has earned its own niche in the field of blogging and offering different but classic services to the valued users all over the world. The real difficulty comes when the user will need to change the by default theme to a new one.

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Problem to a fresh blogger

It has often been seen that the fresh and new blogger is not capable of installing different themes in an effective manner. This is because he or she does not know how to install it manually and the blog homepage has to be left on the previous but outdated theme. Installing the WordPress themes is quite easier given you follow some steps of the manual installation. These steps if implemented in the recommended and correct manner will not take more than five minutes in manual installation of your preferred themes. This will be an excellent takeover against your market rivals.

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Importance of WordPress themes – manual installation

Change of WordPress themes makes your blog and webpage more attractive, genuine and interesting for the clients and consumers. Given you have chosen the theme in context of your business pursuits or the product varieties that are being promoted, the new theme will definitely attract more web traffic in very less time. There is no denying the fact that you can easily and effective reach out to your target audience with a compatible theme. Below are steps on install wordpress theme manually

Steps for manual installation of WordPress theme

  • First of all, you should download the WordPress theme from the website. You can do so by searching your favorite themes for the WordPress on global search engines like Google, to start with. You can see the demo of WP theme which should fit to your needs and preferences. Then hit on the download button after which you will get a .zip file.
  • In the second step, you should extract the .zip file you just downloaded and you must grasp the ReadMe document. This is essential to get aware of the license and other terms of installing it.
  • The entire template folder must be now uploaded into the following folder path – File manager upload will take long time as it uploads the folder in file by file method. You will be feeling pleased to upload the whole template throughFTP client, if it is supported by your provider.
  • The next and final step for the manual installation is to activate your preferred theme within the admin panel of WordPress.
  • In order to activate the uploaded theme, you are needed to login into your WordPress installation on After this, you should simply go to Appearanceand thereafter, click on Themes.
  • Click on Activate option. Refresh your webpage to feel the new theme.

Summary: – One of the systems liked very much about WordPress is its facility of installing themes and Plugins rapidly and easily. For the fresh candidates or blogger, manual installation of different classic WordPress themes is a very effective process. The themes will make your blog or webpage more attractive.

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