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How To Reduce Bounce Rate Of Your Blog ?

The bloggers who are well aware of the do’s and don’ts of blogging will never face any problem in their blogging career. They are well aware of their reader’s taste and they know how to get visitors turning back to their blog. This is one thing. Even a newbie blogger can do the above things by promoting his/her blog on social networks or through any other medium. He can bring in more and more readers to his blog. But the main question that arises here is that the people who are visiting your blog are reading your articles or just closing the tab ??? This is one tough question to answer. This thing is termed as the “Bounce Rate” in the blogosphere.

reduce bounce rate

What is Bounce Rate ??

Bounce rate is a term, a percentage to be precise that tells you if your visitors are staying on your blog for sometime or are just opening and closing it. If your bounce rate percentage is higher than you have to worry about it. But if it is low then you are on the right track. To track the bounce rate of your blog/website, you can use Google Analytics. If your bounce rate is more than you will not get any benefit from blogging in spite of carrying out a hardcore promotional campaign.

How To Reduce Bounce Rate ??

There are some factors you should take into consideration while doing this. If you know that your bounce rate is high, then its time to rethink your blogging strategy. Below I am listing some things that you should concentrate more in order to reduce bounce rate.

Design of your blog :-

The first thing you have to improve is your blog’s design. Choose such a template that has an eye-pleasing color scheme. The logo and the header of your blog is the first thing your visitor will see. So design your logo in such a way that it reflects your blog’s topic. Provide proper links to different topics on your blog so that your visitor don’t have to search for it.

Catchy titles :-

Use titles that immediately catch your readers’ attention. Once your reader finds the title interesting he will surely read your article and thus will spend more time on your blog. Get choosy with the titles, include keywords. Sometimes creating a controversy will also be helpful.

Content :-

The thing that plays a major part in your blog’s success is the content of your blog. The more engaging the content, the more will it compels your visitors to turn into readers. So always try to create content that will appeal to the readers.

Use of Ads on your blog :-

Don’t fill your blog with unnecessary ads by thinking that you will earn more money by doing such things. Your earnings will decrease instead of increasing. Place ads at relevant positions only. In sidebars, headers etc. Don’t go for many ad units and confuse your readers with your ads and content. In a bid to earn more, you will lose your regular readers and thus your steady income.

Provide proper widgets :-

This can also prove useful in decreasing the bounce rate. Using widgets such as ‘Popular Posts’, ‘Recent Posts’ can also help you in engaging your reader for a long time. You can play around with different titles of your widgets like ‘This week’s hot posts’, ‘All-time popular posts’ etc. Even include a ‘Related post’ widget after your every post and the ‘Recommended Slide’.

Final Words :-

I hope that the above post will prove helpful to you in reduce bounce rate of your blog. This has helped me and can even prove beneficial to you too. If you think I missed out on some important point about reduce bounce rate then please let me know. I will be more than happy. Peace pals ! and Happy Blogging :)

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