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Simple Yet Practical Tip To Write More Blog Posts In A Day

For a big majority of people working as a full time writer, the productivity remains a constant worry. Very few good writers can manage to write as many articles or blog posts that they’d like to, and those who manage to churn out good numbers, end up producing substandard ones more often than not, which are good only for run-of-the-mill article directories or content farms. You might be working as a freelance writer, or a full time blogger, but no matter what’s the nature of your job, writing more articles or blog posts in a day will surely help.

Just imagine one or two extra articles getting added to your tally on daily basis? That’s a fascinating thought without any doubt, but the problem is, how to break the plateau and go on to produce a little more than what has been your daily average.

I could have written a post full of impractical points that sound good when reading, but doesn’t really help when you’re trying to put them into practice. True that you can cut down the time you spend on watching TV, surfing the Internet, and utilize it for writing more, but such drastic measures will only add to the frustration because now your mind will not be getting the much needed break, and a tired or bored mind is the last thing you need to have when doing creative writing. Therefore, I’ve decided to keep it simple, and share one simple tip, which has helped me every now and then.
Here you go …

When I first started writing for web, I use to spend hours and hours on finding good topics to write on. At times, It took me longer to decide on a topic as compared to the time I took in completing an article (and I m not exaggerating). I used to spend quite some time on thinking of a topic and then doing some reading. Problem was that all my research and reading that sometimes spanned to hours ended up giving me just one article, that wasn’t really enough.
The solution that worked for me and might work for you:

You must have already guessed it by now. If you’re one of those honest writers/bloggers, who likes to do ample research before even starting to write on a topic, then you can reward yourself for all that research by doing at least two or more articles on the same topic. And before the cynics jump in and start flogging me for encouraging evil practices like “article spinning” or “article rephrasing”, let me clarify that I am not talking about simply rewriting the same content in 2 or 3 different ways. The point is that all that reading will give you quite a lot of food-for-thought, and there’s no reason why you should try to stuff all that information in just one article or blog posts. You can easily make two or more unique posts by covering different perspectives or viewpoints.
Bonus Tip:

If you’re writing for your own blog and you’re not comfortable with publishing two simultaneous posts on somewhat similar topics, you can use the other one as a guest post on another blog, and get a contextual link by linking back to your own blog … need I say more?

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