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Web Marketing and Role of Public Relations

World Wide Web concept is not new to us. The marketing via internet or web is the concept which came in picture in last decade. The conventional set of marketing principles are applicable also but it tool of marketing is very effective to reach out to the customers all over the world at the same time. It is basically the promotion of the services and upcoming new set of product of the company on internet. It is very useful for the new companies who are starting the business and especially for company in the service industry.

There are lots of business models or tools associated with it and they are tried and tested, so we can use them for the promotion of the services we have;
First and the most important model is E- commerce.This is the model based on B2B B2c and C2C where the product is directly sold to the clients and businesses.
Strategic model: Here the model which is based on strategy where generation of the sales is done via websites already in the market segment.
Incorporated Marketing: It is a procedure where a new company with planning of the product in the market and the other set of the company will help them to reach out to the potential customers. Here the both companies share a profit accordingly.

Internet marketing is not only restricted to the marketing it has got the widest range and scope. It included the marketing via e-mails and group mails with the introduction of wireless media.

Role of Public Relations

The role of Public Relations in this segment is crucial for all the companies in the market using the internet as the tool of the marketing. Today the reputation of the business is the main requirement of the Public Relations to be handled. The reputation may be important for the success but not for their survival in the market, the negative impact of the same will hurt the company.

Why the reputation matters:

It plays an important role in the companies standing in the market, the main set of capitalization, it’s considered as the as asset for the company. The stock prices and the capitalization of the same will be considered in the final accusation. The reputation of corporate depend on the factors as
Market stability of the entrepreneur
Regularity in the earning of profits
Local communication and involvement
Ethical aspect

Trust and distrust

Today the reputation is earned not commanded. The distrust of the corporate section will never have the best in the companies favor the trust once being dragged out , it will be difficult to meet it up. The companies will use the traditional way of the Public Relations strategies, as follows
Integrity as the basic criteria.
Products Qualities to be maintained.
Ethical aspect to be re enforced.
Renew of the commitments towards society.


This is the most important part as the Public Relations in the model of marketing in the internet. The role of the Public Relations is not only restricted to the reputation but also to the building trust and maintaining it for the longer period of the time.

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