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10 Reasons Why Pakistan Has a Bad image

A country’s image is a reflection of that country itself, recently i postedreasons to love Pakistan and beautiful places of Pakistan one should visit. But unfortunately, there are few things because of which Pakistan is facing a serious image problem in the world. If Pakistan has a bad image globally today that is because there are many, many bad things happening in Pakistan. The following are the 10 reasons why Pakistan is facing a serious image problem in the global community today:

1. Terrorist attacks

Suicide attacks in the name of religion have greatly marred Pakistan’s image in the eyes of the rest of the world. Islam is a religion of peace and teaches love and tolerance, not hatred and indifference towards other religions. Many religious militant groups are tarnishing the name and reputation of Pakistan in the eyes of the global community. To curb these religious extremists it is vital to build up the lost image and glory of Pakistan and control these forces. 

2. Corruption

Corruption is rampant in Pakistan from grass root level. Starting from a low paid clerk to a highly posted bureaucratic, corruption has become a part of Pakistani system.

3. Political uncertainty

 The political system of our country is highly unpredictable and volatile. Due to this there arise many problems including lack of foreign investment, detoriating global political standing, incomplete and inefficient economic policies etc. 

4. Law and order

 We are viewed as one of the most lawless states in Asia where there is little law and almost no order. Kidnapping for ransom has become one of the most profitable businesses in Pakistan. The percentage of acuities, thefts, car snatching, bank robberies etc have all been on the rise lately.

5. Military Coup

 Since the inception of Pakistan, military dictatorship has prevailed in our country. In almost all developed countries of the world democracy is the system of government. A democratic nation is a highly successful and reputable nation.   

6. Economic Instability

 Economic instability in Pakistan is due to lack of foreign investment in the country. Foreign investment will not only provide more foreign exchange but will also lead to decrease in the rising unemployment rate of the country.

7. Illiteracy

An important weapon in the progress of any nation is manpower. Without an educated workforce, prosperity is unattainable. Unfortunately majority of the population in our country is uneducated leading to slow growth and progress. 

8. Flight of Youth

Due to growing insecurity and lack of job opportunities, the youth of Pakistan is going abroad for a better future instead of contributing to the country’s development. How to stop this brain drain is an important question which needs to be answered. Our youth can play a major role by involving itself in nation building activities and contributing towards a progressive Pakistan.

9. Disrespect for Women

Honor killings, female infanticide, rape, sexual abuse, child molestation are a common feature of Pakistani society. Due to the complicated and corrupted system of justice women in Pakistan are deprived of their basic rights. The victims are not provided timely justice .Furthermore, time and again they are abused and exploited at the hands of the merciless society. 

10. Lack of patriotism

We, as a nation have no love and respect for our country. We are ashamed to call ourselves Pakistanis .If we cannot show appreciation and respect for our country and develop a sense of ownership and belonging to this homeland, why should we expect others to do so.

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