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Tips to Protect Facebook Account with Smartphone Features

Many companies in the financial sector as well as others are choosing social networking sites to promote their goods and services. And provide them via smartphones that are truly computers covered as phones. This means identity thieves can’t be far off. Due to the fact you may create a free Facebook account or for any website, it’s an easy task to end up having so many accounts to help keep a record of. Each demands you register with a distinct procedure and different information, which will take up a great deal of your efforts.
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The Art of Live Blogging

Every time a major release occurs in the mobile telephony, lots of bloggers on site arrange “live blogs” as a way to offer live coverage. Whilst people have their very own choice as to how you need to create a live blog, here are some tips for individuals looking for a means to enhance your readers instantly without needing external tools.
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7 Tips for Active Facebook People Search

Facebook helps you connect and share with the people in your life. It is the best feature in facebook – getting in touch with your old school time friends. Facebook is the best place to reconnect. It is also regarded as the largest social network in the world with more than 800 million members. Facebook had created public search listings in 2007 so that friends can find each other using public search engines such as Google or Bing, thus offering you to discover new friends, but there are still better ways for an effective search for people. In this article, let us look at the top tips for facebook people search.
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YouTube In The Current Scenario and its 7 Applicability

There are various websites which are generally accessed by people. One of such website is YouTube which was formed in year 2005. Based in California, it is website which was created by the employees of PayPal. However, In 2006, it was bought by Google Inc and is now part of Google. The main element of the site is that it deals in video sharing.

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7 Tips for You to Be an Effective Blogger

Blogging is the present day activity to stay connected. Blog is the blend of the term web log. It helps to express your views in an effective way. Blogging has become a part of the life to give and take information in a cost effective manner. Blogs are updated with new contents every now and then. Blogs are maintained by individuals to convey what they want to. Present day blogging has the root with the habit of daily dairies which were written about the important events happening around. It has now become a fashion statement to blog.

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7 Suggestions to Increase the Blog post Frequency.

Bloggers often wonder about how frequently they can post new content on the blog. Fact is that there are no blog post rules and the perfect answer to this is “to blog as long as you can provide quality content”. When blogging multiple times a day it would yield you higher results and blogging two-three times a week yields most of the benefit. Also, the most important issue is whether your audience is interested in your quality of content or not. Greater quality and material of content produces better results for search and linking. Also, more frequent posting get you to this inflection of posting faster. This article talks about the seven suggestions that help you to expand your blogging frequency.

1- Gather your Ideas for prewriting

This covers everything you do before starting your rough draft. In simple ways, prewriting means coming up with an idea. These ideas are around you all the time. Write about the incidents and experiences in your daily life. Jot down all the thoughts that happen throughout the day.

2- Build on the Idea

There are two ways of doing this: Either by free writing or brainstorming. In free writing, simply open a document and write what ever you want to in one go. Don’t stop to edit even if you make mistakes whereas in Brainstorming write your idea in the center of the page and then jot ideas that arise from it.

3- Record your posts

Don’t have the time to write an additional post? Try dictating it and having it transcribed for you. Then all you have to do is edit the finished piece.

4- Combination of Content and other media sources

Weekly video, photographs and cartoons associated or linked with the content can help you to facilitate creation of a content.

5- Build up regular columns

Developing columns with built-in and easy-to-execute formats such as customer of the week or book review can help you to blog frequently.

6- Ask for regular comments

Feature only the best posts you has because the most critical element is to add a comment stating why your post is important. At the end of your blog post, always ask the reader to leave a comment about your blog. It’s like asking them “Well, what do you think about this content?”

7- Invite Guest Bloggers

Inviting the guest bloggers can add more value. Make sure they are regular in writing every week or every month. It is best suited for business blogs because diverse thoughts of variety of employees are involved.

What’s most important is to be persistent in your schedule so readers develop the habit of reading your content only. You don’t want readers to show up at your blog and find that your last blog post was over a month ago or a year ago. So, if you could manage the content creation, you can maximize results for your effort with two to three posts every week.
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Discover the Latest Trends in the Field of Blogging

A blog is journal that's composed online by novice and professional writers, released online, read on the web and updated online and anyone with net connection are able to see such weblogs, and perhaps, leave comments to them. Developing a blog became one of the most beneficial approaches to targeted traffic to a website. For most businesses, developing a continuous following of users on the internet is crucial since this includes their target audience and prospect of business sale or conversion. The trick is now to obtaining users to discover the blog.
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Advertisements on Facebook at no cost are a fantabulous approach to attract lots of consumers for your enterprise. Among the different social media sites, Facebook is the biggest one. Based on the Facebook figures of 2011, you can find over 800 million users plus Facebook is now utilized by 1 in every 13 people on the planet. About 250+ million, nearly 50 Percent of the total end users visit Facebook every single day. The standard user has about 130 buddies and this would rise soon. Through 2011 above 350+ million of users accessed FB from a cell phone and the 33 percent of Facebook stuff were posted from a mobile phone.
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Importance and Effectiveness of WordPress for Your Orgnization

When beginning your own enterprise, a WordPress blog is your best solution that might enable you to have to good results and raise your business to better heights. It's a mode to build up new customer base in addition to obtain the old and dedicated ones. There's a great deal of choices in figuring out what is to be carried out with your webblog. In spite of this one should take into account that it needs to be something which would be helpful as you are establishing your personal business and completely would satisfy the requirements. Listed below are a number of the traits that will make blogging exhilarating:
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10 Best Facebook Games of Year 2011

Facebook recently released the list of top games of 2011 that are played on Facebook and surprise, Farmville was not the best game, not even in the list of top 10 Facebook games of 2011. "Gardens of Time" by Playdom is ranked at number 1 game of 2011 by Facebook. We are so habituated to playing Zynga’s Facebook  games that we fail to realize there are so many other interesting and best games and this list brings those games out. Here is the list of top 10 Facebook games of 2011.
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10 Most Viewed YouTube Videos of 2011 by category

Millions of videos are uploaded on YouTube only in 2011 but did you know what are the most watched videos on YouTube in 2011? YouTube has issued a list of the most viewed videos of 2011 divided by category; such as most viewed music video, news video, how-to video, tech video, fashion video, sports video etc. So, just relax and enjoy the most watched videos of the year.
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5 Lesser Known but Awesome Facebook Features

There are more than 800 million people on Facebook making FB the largest social network. All of these FB users, do not know all the awesome features of Facebook. We all like staying on Facebook, talking with our friends for several hours and having an eye on activities of our friends on Facebook. Most of us do not care to have an eye on Facebook feature updates which is why we fail to know about the latest Facebook features. I am not talking about Facebook "Username" or "Timeline", i am talking about some lesser known but awesome Facebook features.
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23 Quotes Pictures for your Facebook Timeline Cover

Recently Facebook allowed everyone to use their latest feature called "Facebook Timeline" which allows Facebook users to do so many things that were not possible using Facebook Profile feature. Facebook has also allowed users to set a wide picture as cover photo that appears on the top of the timeline. A few days ago, i wrote an article on how to choose. However, if you don't want to create a custom cover, you can use any of these 23 nice quotes cover for Facebook Timeline.

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Check Google Page Rank of Multiple Websites at Once

Google Page Rank is Google's way to tell the popularity and quality of a website/webpage. There are so many online tools to check page ranks for free however most of them shows the pagerank of only one website at one time. Google updates page rank of websites after every couple of weeks and it becomes difficult to check page rank for those who own multiple blogs and websites.

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Blogger Threaded Comment System - New BlogSpot Feature

Blogger has introduced "Threaded comment system" recently which allows blog readers to make replies of existing comments. This makes blogger's current comment system a two level commenting system. This works just like DISQUS, Intense debate or. face comment from blogspot. Blogger realized the requirement of this great feature and launched the Threaded comment system recently. Here is how you can enable threaded comment system on your blog.
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5 Ways to Protect Your Computer from Malware Attacks

Well, viruses can attack most of the computers and only way to stay safe is prevention. "Malware" is kind of virus that can damage your computer and you cant even know if your computer has malware in it. Malware even can attack your computer when you visit random sites using Google search engine, such malware are called "drive-by malware".   Here are the 5 best tips that can help you to safe your computer from malware.

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3 Best Online Tools to Convert Text to Uppercase/Lowercase

Several times, people forget to OFF their "Caps Lock" key and type the entire document in UPPER case or in lowercase. Or sometimes you need to change the letter case to uppercase or lowercase and typing the entire document again in desired letter case would not only be time wasting but also would be so stupid. Because, we have so many online tools to change the letter case within few seconds. You can convert letter case to Uppercase, Lowercase or Capitalize the entire text document.

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10 Simple and Working Ways To Lose Weight (Polish Yourself)

With all the pressure from society these days to stay fit and look “perfect”, it can be really overwhelming. It seems like all the celebs can lose weight at the drop of a hat. So, why can’t the rest of us? Here are 10 tips that will help get you in the right direction. Remember, it’s not about how quickly you complete the steps; it’s about the quality that you accomplish them and Yes, you will not only look beautiful  but will also feel beautiful and satisfied once you are continually following these simple steps on regular basis.

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How to Make IDM Compatible with Firefox 7

Most of the people use IDM (Internet Download Manager) to download files from internet. No doubt, IDM is a great software and is much better than other such applications. One of the best thing about IDM is, it integrates itself to all the browsers. However, recent upgrade of Mozilla Firefox makes IDM incompatible to Firefox 7. This has been happening since the release of Firefox 3. The reason behind this bug is, Mozilla team is unable to find the update of the Internet Download Manager addon for IDM.

Anyways, good news is IDM does support the latest Firefox 7 but you have to manually install the updated and compatible IDM addon. I have come up with a very simple yet useful tip that makes IDM compatible to Mozilla Firefox 7..
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7 MOST important Tips for Bloggers to Achieve their Goals.

Today, Blogs are getting fame than Websites. Webmasters who were having mini or even more than mini websites are moving to manage and grow their blogs because from Blogs, Bloggers can generate more revenue than that of from Websites. I should tell some tips for new bloggers. So, Just read and follow the most important and useful tips of blogging with a success.

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How to Create a Chat Room for Facebook Pages (Flash Chat Room )

Good News for those who were always looking for a way to have a chat room on their Facebook fan pages. Earlier, Facebook had not allowed public to paste flash contents (such as flash based chatroom) even by using FBML. But now, you can have a your own Facebook chat room for your Facebook pages. Now, with a newly introduced application "iwipa" you can do it all. iwipa provides you free utility to have iframes, html and fbml on your Facebook pages. Here is how you can create a Chat room for Facebook pages.

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Facebook Page Like Pop-up for Blogger with Timer Control

Here  is yet another useful widget for blogger/blogspot. You probably have a Facebook Page for your blog and would definitely like to have maximum number of "Likes" for your blog's Facebook page. You might have seen  pop-ups on various blogs asking their blog viewers to "LIKE" their Facebook page. I am talking about the same widget, with advance features and attractive GUI...

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