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7 Suggestions to Increase the Blog post Frequency.

Bloggers often wonder about how frequently they can post new content on the blog. Fact is that there are no blog post rules and the perfect answer to this is “to blog as long as you can provide quality content”. When blogging multiple times a day it would yield you higher results and blogging two-three times a week yields most of the benefit. Also, the most important issue is whether your audience is interested in your quality of content or not. Greater quality and material of content produces better results for search and linking. Also, more frequent posting get you to this inflection of posting faster. This article talks about the seven suggestions that help you to expand your blogging frequency.

1- Gather your Ideas for prewriting

This covers everything you do before starting your rough draft. In simple ways, prewriting means coming up with an idea. These ideas are around you all the time. Write about the incidents and experiences in your daily life. Jot down all the thoughts that happen throughout the day.

2- Build on the Idea

There are two ways of doing this: Either by free writing or brainstorming. In free writing, simply open a document and write what ever you want to in one go. Don’t stop to edit even if you make mistakes whereas in Brainstorming write your idea in the center of the page and then jot ideas that arise from it.

3- Record your posts

Don’t have the time to write an additional post? Try dictating it and having it transcribed for you. Then all you have to do is edit the finished piece.

4- Combination of Content and other media sources

Weekly video, photographs and cartoons associated or linked with the content can help you to facilitate creation of a content.

5- Build up regular columns

Developing columns with built-in and easy-to-execute formats such as customer of the week or book review can help you to blog frequently.

6- Ask for regular comments

Feature only the best posts you has because the most critical element is to add a comment stating why your post is important. At the end of your blog post, always ask the reader to leave a comment about your blog. It’s like asking them “Well, what do you think about this content?”

7- Invite Guest Bloggers

Inviting the guest bloggers can add more value. Make sure they are regular in writing every week or every month. It is best suited for business blogs because diverse thoughts of variety of employees are involved.

What’s most important is to be persistent in your schedule so readers develop the habit of reading your content only. You don’t want readers to show up at your blog and find that your last blog post was over a month ago or a year ago. So, if you could manage the content creation, you can maximize results for your effort with two to three posts every week.

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