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10 Coolest Ideas to Post Awesome Status Updates in Facebook

Status Updates" make you able to stay in touch with your beloved once. Its cool to have an awesome status update every time to make people excited about your status updates. Status Updates are not limited to Facebook, it can be a Twitter Status Update called "Tweet" or a Google Plus status update however here we will talk about Facebook Status update ideas which can also be implemented in Twitter or Google Plus. Here are 10 coolest Status Update ideas, applying any single idea will help you to stand out from the crowd!

1- Use Status Tagging to Tag a Page, a Group, or a Person

Status Tagging is a new feature introduced in Facebook, its only available to those who use Facebook via computers i.e. you can not use this feature from your cell phones. This feature makes you able to tag a page, group or a person by typing the symbol @ and then name of any page, group or a person. By tagging in your updates, you grab the attention of people to your status. This is really a great strategy for getting people to Like your page as if some one likes the status where you have tagged a PAGE, will be counted as Page Like.

2- Post a Picture - An Awesome One ;)

A Picture speaks more louder than words. The second coolest idea is posting an awesome picture, try to post some love, romance or innocence etc related pictures, there are high chances people will LIKE your status. You can share a picture on your Facebook wall even from your mobiles.

3- Post a Quote

Quotes are a super way to share some coolest sayings with your friends and followers. You dont have to shuffle books to find some interesting quotes as there are so many websites on Internet entirely dedicated to Quotes and sayings of great people. Look for few quotes (such as love quotes, cool quotes, motivational quotes etc) and share with your friends.

4- Try Status Shuffle

Status Shuffle is a Facebook application which makes you able to shuffle through thousands of status updates. Its entirely automatic, only you have to do is, Subscribe that application, Click on Shuffle button and and find the status that suits your mood. There are thousands of ready-made statuses plus you can also submit your own status in the database of this application.

5- Flip Your Status Text

There are several websites where you can flip any text or phrase. is one of them, you can be creative and unique with this by applying this cool idea. People will definitely Like and Comment on such an interesting and crazy update.

6- Post ASCII Art Pictures

ASCII is actually a character-encoding scheme which actually has become a sort of art. You can use ASCII style pictures and art in your status updates. Its a cool way to stand out from the crowd and look different from others. You can get ASCII art for facebook from and even can search on internet.

7- Schedule your Status Updates

One of the coolest Idea is to post something right on time with perfect timing even in your absence. Such as scheduling your status for Christmas, EID or such other events. Using a social tool calledHootSuite, you can schedule your statuses for future dates.

8- Update your Status using a New Application

You must have noticed that each application on Facebook, has its own icon. That icon appears on the wall whenever something is posted by that application. Many applications allow you to post your custom status using their ICONs. Simply, go to Facebook and search for Emoji Apps.

9- Change your Relationship Status

Changing your Facebook relationship status is one of the best ways to stand out your status. For whatever reason, your friends will love to comment on your changed Relationship status. There are so many cool relationships Facebook introduced such as "Domestic Partnership". People will love your such relationship updates.

10. Share a Link to a cool Article or a Cool Video

Sharing something cool really means a lot to your friends. Video or link to an Article, it must be cool and awesome if you really want others to like you updates.

Last but not least, people mostly love to comment and LIKE posts of people who like their posts and comment on them. So, dont forget to Like and Comment on posts of your friends too.

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