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10 Most Viewed YouTube Videos of 2011 (by category)

Millions of videos are uploaded on YouTube only in 2011 but did you know what are the most watched videos on YouTube in 2011? YouTube has issued a list of the most viewed videos of 2011 divided by category; such as most viewed music video, news video, how-to video, tech video, fashion video, sports video etc. So, just relax and enjoy the most watched videos of the year.

I have embedded the top videos in this blog so that you can watch the video without navigating your browser to YouTube. You might have seen some of these videos already, as these are the most viewed videos of 2011 however some may seem a complete surprise.

Best Music Video

Well, here YouTube has made a difference. They have selected 2 best music videos. 1 excluding and 1 including videos from major music labels.

Most viewed YouTube music video(excluding videos from major music labels)

Most viewed YouTube music video from major music labels

Most Viewed News Video

Most Viewed Fashion Video

Most watched Technology Video

Most Watched Movie Trailer

Most Watched Sports Video

Most Viewed Gaming Video

Most Viewed Travel Video

Most Viewed Science Video

Most Viewed Wedding Proposal Video

What is your favorite video from the list ?

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