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19 Tips and Tricks to Increase Your AdSense Earning and Secure Account

Earlier we published few tips to increase your AdSense CTR, which users find very useful. Many blog readers requested to post how they can increase their earning and how they can secure their AdSense accounts being banned. So, here i have come with 26 most important tips for Google AdSense publishers to increase their AdSense income and to secure their accounts being banned for invalid activities. Hopefully you will find these AdSense Optimization Tips helpful for you.

Google AdSense Earning ad Safety Tips

  1. Play clean and always follow Google AdSense policies strictly, you will earn more for long terms by following this.
  2. Never make modifications in AdSense HTML code. Its a violation. If you difficulty placing AdSense in your WordPress or website, take the help from official AdSense forum.
  3. Never say your friends or encourage blog visitors to click on Google Ads. Its fraud and Google take click fraud very seriously. Your account will be banned even they tracked 1 click done by You as they have powerful tracking system. 
  4. Dont label AdSense ad with text other than "Sponsored Links" or "Advertisement".
  5. Avoid clicking on your own ads and reloading pages again and again. Google is much smarter than you, they track clicks using site navigation patterns, IP addresses, hardware details of computer So they will catch you easily. Its always best to play clean.
  6. Never place Google Ads in pop-ups or pop-unders or in emails.
  7. Never make a website only to earn money from Adsense using High paying keywords. Google will never let you earn money using "Made for Adsense" websites. Its better to create a mini website according to your interest and update it often to do fair.
  8. Place Google AdSense on top of your article if its a short article. For Long articles, place Google Ads in middle of your article.
  9. Use text Ads instead of Image ads, you will make more money. In-case you want to use image ads, prefer 300x250 medium rectangle or the 160x600 wide skyscraper.
  10. Use Google Ads with no border and no background color. If you webpage, where you want to place Google Ads have some background color, use the same color for borders and background of Google Ads.
  11. Use dark color for Link Title and light color for link URL of Google Ads.
  12. Must use 336x280 text ads format. Its best Paying Google Adsense format.
  13. Try to use an below or above Comments form. This will appeal the commentator and
  14. Don't wrap text with Google Adsense or image next to Google ads. This can cause a permanent ban to your account.
  15. Never use more than 3 AdSense link units and 2 search boxes on single page.
  16. Must use "Google powered search" on search box is on the top right corner of your blog.
  17. Monitor your AdSense performance with Google Analytics. You will come to know performance of every page of your website.
  18. Don't like an Ad ? or don't want a website to advertise on your site for very low price. Block low paying advertisers using Google AdSense Filters from your account.
  19. Keep doing experiments with ad colors and ad placements. You will see which color and ad location is doing good for you. Go with the best one.

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