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3 Ways to Change a Facebook Page Name

Did you misspell your Facebook page name? or changed your brand name? You probably need to change your Facebook page name as well. Facebook clearly says while setting your "username" that you will not be able to edit or transfer your Facebook vanity URL to others once you have set it. Deleting and renaming is not an easy thing to do and in case you delete your Facebook username, it will no longer be available for others to use.

Keep in mind, it is always a good idea to match your Facebook brand name with your Facebook vanity URL i.e. "username". It is good for better visibility, good branding and effective SEO.But what to do if you did something wrong or even right and/but want to change your Facebook page name?

How to Change Facebook Page Name

1- Facebook allows you to change your Page title but your page must have less than 100 likes. If you are in such condition and your page has less than 100 likes, simple Open your Facebook and navigate to
Edit Page > Basic Information > Name

2- What to do if you have more than 100 likes and want to change your Facebook page title? Well, You need to say your fans to unlike your page for this cause and when your number of your page fans decreases to less than 100, simple follow the above information and change your page name.

3- If you have hundreds and thousands of likes, you still have a chance to rename your Facebook page i.e. by contacting Facebook officials through their Facebook Feedback form.  This form allows admins to request change of Facebook page name. Sure, they will ask for some proofs of change of business name or will verify if your business name is misspelled.

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