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5 Tips to Select an Effective and Attractive Blog Post Title

As rightly said, first impression lasts for long. So, until and unless the tile of your blog post is captivating enough even the bet of content will go unread. The moment someone visit your blog, the first go through the title of the post. If they do not find it interesting enough they are bound to move to the next post. However, one does not require an effective title to allure their users but also for it to be SEO friendly. So, it is very crucial that you select an apt title. The title must not be selected keeping only the search engines in mind; one should also optimize it using the social media. Social media is a very good source to attract traffic for your blog.

How to Write an Attractive Blog Post/Article Title

1- Avoid lengthy title: One generally select very long title for their posts. Some people think that it is better to impart most of the information about their post in the title itself. However, this is not the correct way. The title of your post must be very simple and short. The title with six to seven words is acceptable.

2- Do not make them too short: A very short title is also not considered good. The title must impart some brief knowledge about the post. Extremely short titles are also not attractive to the users.

3- Try to include words like “How to” and “Guide” in the title: people generally search for How To articles the most on the internet. Whenever they search for some information they start their search with How to. So if you also include these words in the title, they optimize your post.

4- Include numbers: when you include numbers in the title of your post, it is guaranteed that they will work better on social media. You can include numbers especially when you list points in the post. For example: you can write N tips to do something.

5- Include keywords in the title: whenever search engines browse your blog, the first thing they look into is the title of your post to look for the searched keywords. So, titles are very crucial from the perspective of SEO. It is advisable that you must include the keywords of your post in your titles. In fact, beginning your title with the keyword is all the more beneficial. It increases the chances of visitors reading your posts when they search for a keyword in a search engine.

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