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7 Most Awesome and Cool Facebook Usernames - Amazing Ideas

Facebook launched usernames in June 2009. When everyone was busy in grabbing their facebook usernames, there were few people who had amazing ideas and they implemented them while choosing facebook usernames. Many brilliant people chosen URL looking usernames and few of them chosen amazing/confusing usernames. There were few really cool usernames but Facebook disabled/unapproved those usernames however here are 7 most awesome and cool Facebook usernames which belongs to really brilliant Facebook users.

7 Most Awesome and Cool Facebook Usernames

  1. Neal Grosskopf -
  2. Joan Desautels -
  3. Sergei Polishchuk -
  4. Sergei Polishchuk -
  5. Chrissy Shipley -
  6. Sinda Brahaim -
  7. Neill Williamson -

Do you own such cool facebook usernames ? just let me know ;)

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